Why Neurophysics in Nijmegen?

Our brain contains many ingenious networks of billions of interconnected neurons. Together, they have an information processing capacity and flexibility that far exceeds modern supercomputers, or any artificial intelligent system. In this specialisation, we aim at unravelling the neuro-computational mechanisms of this fascinating, complex system using experimental approaches, advanced theory and computational models.


Why study Neurophysics?

  • Radboud University is the only university in the Netherlands that covers the complete research field of neuroscience, from cognition to behaviour, and from subcellular processes, to single-cell analysis, big data, computational modelling, and advanced machine learning.
  • Courses focus on research and applications, and will cover the latest developments in brain research, neurotechnology, and artificial intelligence, and help you develop the essential academic skills.
  • You will work with students and researchers from different backgrounds, and become acquainted with a wide variety of research methods and scientific approaches.
  • We offer a synergy track Computational and Data Science where you dive into the synergy of different disciplines in the science faculty that are engaged in computational modeling and data science.
  • You will get the opportunity to work with researchers from the world-renowned Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, and build a high-profile network for your future career.

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