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Master's specialisationOrganisational Design and Development

How can you design and change organisations to deliver societally responsible and economically valuable contributions? Learn to successfully mobilise action in organisations to address contemporary societal challenges.

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  • This specialisation offers the unique possibility of combining the study of both design and change of organisations.
  • This specialisation draws on a multidisciplinary perspective rooted in social science, design science (including socio-technical systems design) and ethics.
  • You will gain profound skills to systematically analyse complex organisational problems, learn to develop and justify effective interventions, and mobilise organsational action. 
  • You will develop reflexivity and critical thinking on organisational responsibility and approaches to change.
Why study this programme?

Admission requirements

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This Master's challenged me due to its practical focus, as my previous background in economics is more assumption-based.
Emmalinde Bandell
Emmalinde Bandell Student Read Emmalinde's story
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What will you learn

In the Master's specialisation in Organisational Design and Development, you will gain expertise in designing and changing organisations to deliver societally responsible and economically valuable contributions. In particular, you will (1) learn current theories about core challenges in the structure and social practices of organizations, (2) acquire analytical and communicative skills to address these challenges, and (3) develop yourself as a reflective professional in this field. 

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Future career opportunities

Our alumni are well qualified for job positions such as:

  • Management Trainee at Achmea
  • Management Consultant at Berenschot
  • Account Manager at Eiffel
  • Change Manager sustainability at Alliander

PhD candidate/Junior lecturer at University within or outside NL

Career prospects


The Master in Organisational Design and Development is grounded in strong research performed by our team of internationally renowned experts. A few examples of the type of research that is connected to this specialisation:

  • How do organisations and occupations mobilise for sustainability-drive change?
  • How do organisations implement new forms of organizing?
  • How do healthcare organisations collaborate through networks to deliver affordable and accessible healthcare?
  • How do organisations address corporate irresponsibility?

Questions about this programme?

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Tuitions & grants

If you are going to follow this Master's programme, you will pay an annual tuition fee. There are different tuition rates. The amount depends on your personal situation.