Master's programmes

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  • Accounting and Control

    Gain the skills and knowledge required to become a professional in the domains of auditing, accountancy, controlling and financial management and consulting.

  • Adaptive Organisms

    In this challenging, research-oriented specialisation, you will become an expert in the fundamental processes involved in stress adaptation of individual organisms, for example plants, micro-organisms and animals.

  • Ancient and Medieval Mediterranean Worlds

    The Master’s specialisation in Ancient and Medieval Mediterranean Worlds offers you a unique approach by looking at ancient and medieval history, Byzantium, the Islamic world and Western Europe in contact and conflict.

  • Anthropology and Development Studies

    How do bottom-up initiatives of people striving for racial justice, political change or climate change awareness arise and evolve? This anthropology & development Master's expands your knowledge and research skills. Let’s contribute to society!

  • Art and Visual Culture (research)

    Whether you wish to specialise in the study of artworks, artefacts, advertising, or social media, the Art and Visual Culture specialisation will equip you to thoroughly research and analyse visual culture.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    The Artificial Intelligence Master's programme at Radboud University has a distinctly cognitive focus where computational modelling is the central methodology used to understand naturally intelligent systems, build artificially intelligent systems...


  • Artificial Intelligence: Cognitive Computing

    Understanding biological intelligence and developing artificial intelligence are highly synergetic research endeavors. To do either we must do both. In this interdisciplinary specialisation, you follow both directions with a focus on research.

  • Artificial Intelligence: Intelligent Technology

    Are you interested in human-centered technology for a responsible future of society? This interdisciplinary specialisation studies and develops intelligent systems, from medical AI, to artificial agents, to human-machine interfaces.

  • Arts and Culture

    What does Mondrian tell us with his painting 'Victory Boogie Woogie' and how can we understand Vermeer's 'Girl with a Pearl Earring'? Who actually pays for art and culture? What role models does Hollywood provide us with? If these are questions that...


  • Behavioural Science (research)

    Are you intrigued by the complexity of human behaviour? Are you inspired to learn more about emotions, motivations, and the cognitive aspect that regulates human behaviour and decision-making? This Research Master's programme might be just for you!

  • Biblical Exegesis

    This English-taught specialisation of the Master’s programme in Theology will focus on textual interpretations of biblical writings. Master’s students will explore key concepts in Biblical texts with respect to their cultural and historical context.

  • Biology

    Would you like to specialise in organismal stress adaptation? Or in ecosystem dynamics, so that you can contribute to species protection and nature recovery? You could also dive into environmental modelling or walk the line between biological and...


  • Biomedical Sciences

    Biomedical sciences is a broad field ranging from molecule to man to population and society, with the common aim to improve patient health and well-being. In this master’s, students construct their own programme based on personal interests.

  • Business Administration

    Our programme in Business Administration is designed to impart you with the skills to design and implement organisational strategies and structures with the aim to create social and economic value. The focus is on responsible organisations which...


  • Business Analysis and Modelling

    Do you want to learn how to apply formal methods and modelling, focussing on the analytical ánd social aspects of decision-making? Become a specialist in developing sound simulation models that are valuable when designing and evaluating strategies.

  • Business Law

    With the increasing level of globalisation, there is a growing demand for international legal experts. With this programme, you become an expert on the intersection between international, European and national law on businesses.

  • Chemistry of Life

    In this specialisation, you will focus on complex molecular systems in a biological context. You will learn how cells work from a chemist’s perspective and become an expert in the chemistry of all biologically relevant molecules.

  • Cities, Water and Climate Change

    Are you interested in climate proofing cities or in making cities climate-neutral? This Master's specialisation prepares students for working on the nexus between urban planning, water and environmental management.

  • Cognitive Neuroscience (research)

    What happens in your brain when you act? How is this fascinating, complex ‘micro cosmos’ no bigger than half a football inside your skull organised? If these questions spark your interest, this Master's programme is for you!

  • Communication and Information Studies

    In the Master's programme in Communication and Information Studies you will study the effects of communication by organisations and companies. This Master's programme has two specialisations, each with their own perspective on professional...