Master's programmes

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  • Ancient and Medieval Mediterranean Worlds

    The Master’s specialisation in Ancient and Medieval Mediterranean Worlds offers you a unique approach by looking at ancient and medieval history, Byzantium, the Islamic world and Western Europe in contact and conflict.

  • Art History

    The Master’s specialisation in Art History offers courses in art and visual culture in a transhistorical and global perspective. You study artworks in relation to actual and pressing issues about power, possession, meaning or identity.

  • Art and Visual Culture (research)

    Whether you wish to specialise in the study of artworks, artefacts, advertising, or social media, the Art and Visual Culture specialisation will equip you to thoroughly research and analyse visual culture.

  • Arts and Culture

    What does Mondrian tell us with his painting 'Victory Boogie Woogie' and how can we understand Vermeer's 'Girl with a Pearl Earring'? Who actually pays for art and culture? What role models does Hollywood provide us with? If these are questions that...


  • Classical Culture

    The Master’s specialisation in Classical Culture will allow you to dig up the past (sometimes even literally!) and teach you how to place buildings, texts, customs and artefacts in a classical cultural historical framework.

  • Classics and Ancient Civilizations

    Our modern democracy was inspired by ancient Athens. In state organisation, we have adopted much from the Romans, for instance the system of provinces and law. And figures like Odysseus and Medea are still present in our modern culture. The Greek and...


  • Communication and Information Studies

    In the Master's programme in Communication and Information Studies you will study the effects of communication by organisations and companies. This Master's programme has two specialisations, each with their own perspective on professional...


  • Communication and Persuasion

    How do organisations tailor messages to their target groups? How can communication be used to influence an audience’s behaviour and opinions? If such questions interest you, you should consider the Master’s programme in Communication and Persuasion.

  • Creative Industries

    In the Creative Industries Master's specialisation, you will come to understand a field buzzing with creativity: where art meets commerce, where culture generates innovation and sustainability.

  • Cultural Policy and the Business of Art

    The Master’s specialisation in Cultural Policy and the Business of Art will allow you to explore fundamental questions about the importance of art and cultural entrepreneurship in Dutch society.

  • Dutch as a Second Language: Teacher and Expert

    The Master’s specialisation Dutch as a Second Language for Teachers and Experts will allow you to develop your skills and increase your knowledge so that you can become an expert or teacher of Dutch as a second language.

  • Dutch-German-Studies (joint degree)

    The Netherlands and Germany are intrinsically linked. In this bi-national Master’s programme you will explore and experience the similarities and differences, learn to think along Dutch-German lines and become an intercultural bridge builder.

  • Education in Museums and Heritage (double degree programme)

    The Master’s programme Education in Museums and Heritage offers global and innovative approaches to education in the museum and heritage sector, with placements and a minimum of three mobility periods in Europe.

  • European Studies

    The Master's programme European Studies consists of one, selective, specialisation: Nederland-Duitsland-Studies


  • Global Communication and Diversity

    How can organisations adapt their communication to diverse, international audiences? How can communication promote inclusivity? The Global Communication and Diversity programme provides you with the knowledge and skills to investigate such questions.

  • Greek and Latin Language and Literature

    The Master’s specialisation in Greek and Latin Language and Literature will grant you access to a special world. You will immerse yourself in classical themes, and get to sink your teeth into the language and uncover the world behind the words.

  • Historical Studies (research)

    The Historical Studies specialisation is dedicated to rigorous historical research in order to obtain a deep understanding of developments of the past and to help us evaluate the merits of modern reinterpretations.

  • Historical, Literary and Cultural Studies (research)

    This Research Master's programme combines joint interdisciplinary training with disciplinary courses in one of the specialisations: Historical Studies, Literary Studies, or Art and Visual Culture. It has a distinct focus on research-related knowledge...


  • History

    During the Master’s in History, you’ll develop a set of academic skills such as being able to collect different sources and critically analyse them, to interpretate data and to form a constructive argument. You’ll also learn how to clearly present...


  • Language Variation and Multilingualism

    In this Master's specialisation, you learn to become a competent linguist who has an understanding of language variation and multilingualism, two central and interrelated topics within linguistics.