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  • Adaptive Organisms

    In this challenging, research-oriented specialisation, you will become an expert in the fundamental processes involved in stress adaptation of individual organisms, for example plants, micro-organisms and animals.

  • Biology

    Would you like to specialise in organismal stress adaptation? Or in ecosystem dynamics, so that you can contribute to species protection and nature recovery? You could also dive into environmental modelling or walk the line between biological and...


  • Chemistry of Life

    In this specialisation, you will focus on complex molecular systems in a biological context. You will learn how cells work from a chemist’s perspective and become an expert in the chemistry of all biologically relevant molecules.

  • Computing Science

    The enormous power of IT is the main driving force shaping modern society, going beyond the technical and economic aspects. In this Master’s programme, you can study the design and analysis of software, machine learning and big data, cyber security...


  • Conservation and Restoration Ecology

    Focus on the relationships between different communities within an ecosystem. Find out how they respond to environmental stress and unravel ecosystem dynamics. Use these insights to contribute to nature conservation and restoration.

  • Cyber Security

    As our society's reliance on IT increases, cyber security grows in importance. In this specialisation, you learn how to assess the security of existing ICT systems, and how to develop more secure future solutions.

  • Cyber Security and AI

    The interplay between AI and Cyber Security provides solutions to many real-world problems, but also brings new challenges. In this unique specialisation, you will learn to understand the latest approaches of the interaction between both domains.

  • Data Science

    Data plays a role in almost every scientific discipline, the corporate sector and social organisations. This specialisation will teach you how to transform data into knowledge and solutions.

  • Environment & Sustainability

    Do you want to contribute to solving the environmental sustainability challenges of our time? In this specialisation, you focus on unraveling human impacts on nature and using this knowledge to identify environmental sustainability solutions.

  • Human Biology

    Combine fundamental human biology with clinical studies. Bridge the gap between biomedical research results and clinical practice. Get the chance to work together with scientists from highly regarded research groups.

  • Information Sciences

    In this Master’s programme you will learn about the way in which IT impacts organisations, from both a technical and managerial perspective. You will become an expert in explaining how organisations are able to deal with security and privacy issues.

  • Master's in Mathematics

    Mathematics opens the door to a wide range of career paths: from research in mathematics through to working in biology, climate change or finance. In all walks of life, analytical skills are in high demand. The Master's specialisations in Mathematics...


  • Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science

    The Master's specialisation of Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science is all about understanding the fundamental mathematical concepts of computation and information, to explore the potentials of computer science. 

  • Mathematics

    In this Master's, you will work and study alongside cutting-edge mathematical researchers in a broad range of fields, varying from pure mathematics, applied mathematics, to mathematical physics. Advance your math skills in any direction you like.

  • Medical Biology

    Are you going to bridge the gap between early biomedical research results and clinical practice? Or would you rather study DNA, RNA and/or proteins in the laboratory? In this Master’s programme you will work to get a deep understanding of the...


  • Medical Epigenomics

    How do all different types of cells each perform their own specific task? The explanation lies in the epigenome: a heritable, cell type-specific set of chromosomal modifications, which determines cell identity and regulates gene expression.

  • Medicinal Chemistry

    Study all stages of drug development (discovery, design, development, targeted delivery), including the phases of drug activity relating to a drug’s formulation, analysis of its toxicity, and understanding of its pharmacokinetics and -dynamics.

  • Microbiology

    Focus on the functioning of microorganisms and their potential to improve our health and the environment. This includes applications such as energy-efficient waste management or new vaccines. You will gain extensive experience in microbial research.

  • Molecular Chemistry

    Molecular Chemistry is a creative science, which involves the synthesis of molecules with new biological or physical properties in order to meet scientific or societal challenges. The possibilities are endless!

  • Molecular Sciences

    In the Molecular Sciences Master's programme, you will learn about all aspects of the functioning and synthesis of molecules. Choose a specialisation at the intersection of chemistry, molecular life sciences, and biology. Deepen your knowledge in...