Master's programmes

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  • Cities, Water and Climate Change

    Are you interested in climate proofing cities or in making cities climate-neutral? This Master's specialisation prepares students for working on the nexus between urban planning, water and environmental management.

  • Civil Law

    The Master’s specialisation in Civil Law will provide you with a sound basis for a promising career in civil law. You will not only distinguish yourself through your substantive knowledge but also by your ability to analyse complex legal issues.

  • Classical Culture

    The Master’s specialisation in Classical Culture will allow you to dig up the past (sometimes even literally!) and teach you how to place buildings, texts, customs and artefacts in a classical cultural historical framework.

  • Classics and Ancient Civilizations

    Our modern democracy was inspired by ancient Athens. In state organisation, we have adopted much from the Romans, for instance the system of provinces and law. And figures like Odysseus and Medea are still present in our modern culture. The Greek and...


  • Cognitive Neuroscience (research)

    What happens in your brain when you act? How is this fascinating, complex ‘micro cosmos’ no bigger than half a football inside your skull organised? If these questions spark your interest, this Master's programme is for you!

  • Communication Science

    If you are interested in how media messages can be used to make people healthier and happier, and more sustainable and sociable, and in how communication strategies are used to boost brand identity, this could be the right Master’s programme for you!

  • Communication and Information Studies

    In the Master's programme in Communication and Information Studies you will study the effects of communication by organisations and companies. This Master's programme has two specialisations, each with their own perspective on professional...


  • Communication and Persuasion

    How do organisations tailor messages to their target groups? How can communication be used to influence an audience’s behaviour and opinions? If such questions interest you, you should consider the Master’s programme in Communication and Persuasion.

  • Company Law

    During this programme you will delve into the legal aspects of financing, risk management and reorganizations. The master's specialization in Company Law is an excellent starting point for a career in the commercial legal profession.

  • Comparative Politics

    The Comparative Politics Master’s provides new insights into configurations of political power around the world. We study changes in democracy and political representation, modern authoritarianism and populism, and how political parties, citizens and social movements achieve political change.

  • Computing Science

    The enormous power of IT is the main driving force shaping modern society, going beyond the technical and economic aspects. In this Master’s programme, you can study the design and analysis of software, machine learning and big data, cyber security...


  • Conflict, Power and Politics

    In this specialisation you will become familiar with the nature of violent conflict in the 21st Century. How can we explain the origins and development of violent conflicts? What are the effects of international interventions in violent conflicts? What are the conditions for an enduring peace?

  • Conflict, Territories and Identities

    You will come to understand the backgrounds and causes, the mental and physical borders related to (international) conflicts, war and terrorism as well the strategies and challenges organisations intervening in these conflicts deal with.

  • Conservation and Restoration Ecology

    Focus on the relationships between different communities within an ecosystem. Find out how they respond to environmental stress and unravel ecosystem dynamics. Use these insights to contribute to nature conservation and restoration.

  • Constitutional and Administrative Law

    Constitutional and administrative law forms the legal foundation for government administration and organisation in a democracy, in which the interests of both citizens and the government must be balanced. Can you help to guarantee this balance?

  • Continental Philosophy: Phenomenology, Hermeneutics and Psychoanalysis

    You will study current issues in metaphysics and philosophical anthropology on the basis of the philosophers from the continental tradition. You will focus on the relationship between language and truth, and metaphysical criticism and psychoanalysis.

  • Corporate Finance and Control

    Focus on the financial management and governance of firms and learn how to deal with not just economic but also managerial, legal, and reporting aspects to strengthen and maximise enterprise value.

  • Creative Industries

    In the Creative Industries Master's specialisation, you will come to understand a field buzzing with creativity: where art meets commerce, where culture generates innovation and sustainability.

  • Criminal Law

    Criminal law has a strong presence in our society. Major developments continue to take place in this field, which is why there is a need for good lawyers with a sound knowledge of criminal law and procedure who can apply this in legal practice.

  • Cultural Geography and Tourism

    Learn to understand and interpret advanced theories and practices of leisure and tourism and their influence on the social and physical environment.