Master's programmes

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  • Systematic Theology

    Learn to enhance your capacity for theological reflection and Christian intellectual, so that you can confidently enter the public debates on issues as atheism, post-secularism and science.

  • Tax Law

    Running a business involves a wealth of legislation and regulations. One solution may be more fiscally advantageous than another. As a tax expert you will learn how to thoroughly analyse these options and consequently advise on them.

  • The Book Industry

    Are you interested in literature and its production, distribution and reception? In the Master's specialisation The Book Industry, you will examine the institutions and agents within the literary industry, so you can explore the world around books.

  • Theology (3 year)

    Radboud University offers theology Master’s students a comprehensive 3 year academic programme in which they broaden their knowledge of theology and specialise in one of four disciplines of theology. We also offer a 1 year Theology programme.


  • Theology 1 yr

    In this English-taught Master’s programme you will learn how to systematically reflect on fundamental questions and ideas that play a central role in science, culture and faith. This will help you to bridge the gap between faith and knowledge.

  • Tourism and Culture

    By combining historical, literary, art-historical and other humanities approaches, and by integrating academic research with practical challenges, Tourism and Culture will train you as an academic expert and an innovative professional.

  • Transatlantic Studies: History, Culture and Politics

    Transatlantic Studies examines the complex connections between the two sides of the Atlantic Ocean. You will learn to analyse the past and present of multilayered exchanges between North America and Europe, with regard to, for example, culture and politics.

  • Urban and Cultural Geography

    Focus on how the city is represented and how city images emerge and are contested. You will study the hybrid nature and the daily struggles in urban life, cultural diversity and the political economy of the city.

  • Urban and Regional Mobility

    Are you interested in increasingly complex flows of people and goods in the networked city and region? This Master's specialisation will prepare you for dealing with integrated mobility systems and transport modes across spatial scales.