Master's programmes

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  • Cultural Policy and the Business of Art

    The Master’s specialisation in Cultural Policy and the Business of Art will allow you to explore fundamental questions about the importance of art and cultural entrepreneurship in Dutch society.

  • Curriculum development for Primary Education

    Do you think about the objectives of primary education? Would you like to know how you can contribute to the quality of education at your school? If you also like putting innovations to the test, this could be the right Master’s programme for you!

  • Cyber Security

    As our society's reliance on IT increases, cyber security grows in importance. In this specialisation, you learn how to assess the security of existing ICT systems, and how to develop more secure future solutions.

  • Cyber Security and AI

    The interplay between AI and Cyber Security provides solutions to many real-world problems, but also brings new challenges. In this unique specialisation, you will learn to understand the latest approaches of the interaction between both domains.

  • Data Science

    Data plays a role in almost every scientific discipline, the corporate sector and social organisations. This specialisation will teach you how to transform data into knowledge and solutions.

  • Dentistry

    We aim to use our knowledge to carefully contribute to health and the quality of life. Students will acquire both technical and social proficiency. Patient focus, including a focus on vulnerable patient groups, and team work will play a major role.

  • Dutch Law

    Choose the master's in Dutch law at Radboud University. In Nijmegen you will not only learn what the law looks like, but also why it looks that way. And whether it could look differently. In this way you will really get to grips with the concept of...


  • Dutch as a Second Language: Teacher and Expert

    The Master’s specialisation Dutch as a Second Language for Teachers and Experts will allow you to develop your skills and increase your knowledge so that you can become an expert or teacher of Dutch as a second language.

  • Dutch-German-Studies (joint degree)

    The Netherlands and Germany are intrinsically linked. In this bi-national Master’s programme you will explore and experience the similarities and differences, learn to think along Dutch-German lines and become an intercultural bridge builder.

  • Economics

    We challenge you to look at economics differently and to discover that it is much more than money, markets and regulations. Economists also examine consumers’, businesses’ and governmental financial behaviour and decision-making. Within the Master's...


  • Economics, Behaviour and Policy

    How to make smarter, more effective economic policy? Looking at psychology and sociology in economic theory and policy design will bridge the gap between theory and practice.

  • Education in Museums and Heritage (double degree programme)

    The Master’s programme Education in Museums and Heritage offers global and innovative approaches to education in the museum and heritage sector, with placements and a minimum of three mobility periods in Europe.

  • Educational Sciences

    How do children learn? What are the characteristics of a good teacher? How do we ensure that pupils will later be able to function well in society? Do these questions spark your interest? Then the Master's in Educational Sciences is for you!

  • Environment & Sustainability

    Do you want to contribute to solving the environmental sustainability challenges of our time? In this specialisation, you focus on unraveling human impacts on nature and using this knowledge to identify environmental sustainability solutions.

  • Environment and Society Studies

    This Master's programme discusses the most pressing environmental challenges of our time, such as environmental justice, nature conservation and biodiversity, animal welfare, circular economy, agriculture and food, sustainable energy, climate change...


  • Environmental Justice and Governance

    Environmental justice is not only a classic, but also an urgent issue in sustainability transformations. Who benefits from our current, not sustainable economy? And who suffers most from pollution? How do we see our relationships with nature and animals? This specialization studies how we can enable

  • Ethics and Political Philosophy

    In this English-taught Master’s specialisation of the Philosophy Research Master’s programme you will study moral conflicts and ethical issues in contemporary Western culture and how politics is a way of coping with these dilemmas.

  • Europe: Borders, Identity and Governance

    Join us in studying the much-debated governance of borders, identities, and migration in Europe and beyond. Dive into current debates on EU border and migration policies, national identities and integration, postcolonialism and racism, border conflicts and global unequal development.

  • European Law and Global Affairs

    Do you want to become an expert on European law, but also study international relations of the European Union from other academic perspectives? Then the Master's specialisation European Law and Global Affairs might be something for you!

  • European Master in System Dynamics

    Learn how to build a system dynamics model, how to apply it to a variety of complex, real-life problems and how to facilitate the model-building process in such a way a strategic change can be achieved and policies can be implemented.