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  • European Studies

    The Master's programme European Studies consists of one, selective, specialisation: Nederland-Duitsland-Studies


  • European Union Governance and Politics | Public Administration

    How can the effectiveness of EU policy be ensured? How does the EU engage with societal actors, and what effect does this have on the EU's legitimacy? This multidisciplinary Master's equips you with cutting-edge insights from public administration and political science to tackle questions like these

  • European Union Politics and Governance | Political Science

    How can the effectiveness of EU policy be ensured? How does the EU engage with societal actors, and what effect does this have on the EU's legitimacy? This multidisciplinary Master's equips you with cutting-edge insights from politics and governance to tackle questions like these.

  • Financial Economics

    Learn to analyse and understand the working of (global) financial markets. Explore various aspects, such as financial risk management, asset pricing and monetary policy.

  • Financial Law

    Twenty years ago, financial law was almost non-existent, but its scope and impact have increased greatly in the last few decades. This explosion of new laws and regulations has called for specialists in financial law, and you could be one of them.

  • Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Management

    Do you want to understand the challenges and issues related to managing gender equality, diversity and inclusion in organisations? Learn to design interventions and give content to the social responsibility of organisations.

  • Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Politics

    This specialisation introduces you to issues and ongoing debates in the field of gender and diversity studies in organisations and politics. It also offers the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the state of the art in the field.

  • Global Communication and Diversity

    How can organisations adapt their communication to diverse, international audiences? How can communication promote inclusivity? The Global Communication and Diversity programme provides you with the knowledge and skills to investigate such questions.

  • Global Economics and Business

    This specialisation in Economics helps you to understand the global economic landscape. Learn how these firms shape and are shaped by this landscape and gain skills to develop successful business strategies and international (trade) policies.

  • Global Environment and Sustainability

    This specialisation focuses on the global level of sustainability transformations, such as international agreements and initiatives on climate change, biodiversity and nature conservation on land and in oceans. You will learn how to critically analyse international negotiations. How do international

  • Global Political Economy

    Learn to understand and explain the interrelatedness of global politics and global economics. Uncover the power struggles behind policy choices in the field of trade, finance, climate and investment.

  • Globalisation, Migration and Development

    Investigate the effects of globalisation and migration processes on economies, societies and resources on different parts of the world. The main focus lies on the Global South and its interaction with the Global North.

  • Governance and management of local affairs

    Many global problems like the climate crisis, energy transition and refugee crisis come to play at the local level. Local governments face complex societal issues in which organization and governance questions arise in how to handle these.

  • Governance of Safety and Security

    How do governments, politics, the media and citizens deal with safety and security? Study the design and implementation of security and crisis management policies and critically analyze safety and security policy.

  • Great ideas and their history

    This specialisation teaches how to understand current ideas and understandings from their specific history. You'll better understand current issues, by learning how they came into being.

  • Greek and Latin Language and Literature

    The Master’s specialisation in Greek and Latin Language and Literature will grant you access to a special world. You will immerse yourself in classical themes, and get to sink your teeth into the language and uncover the world behind the words.

  • Healthcare Psychology

    Are you interested in a future position as a psychologist in the healthcare sector? If you take the Master’s specialisation in Healthcare Psychology, you can lay the foundation for this very future in just one academic year.

  • Historical Studies (research)

    The Historical Studies specialisation is dedicated to rigorous historical research in order to obtain a deep understanding of developments of the past and to help us evaluate the merits of modern reinterpretations.

  • Historical, Literary and Cultural Studies (research)

    This Research Master's programme combines joint interdisciplinary training with disciplinary courses in one of the specialisations: Historical Studies, Literary Studies, or Art and Visual Culture. It has a distinct focus on research-related knowledge...


  • History

    During the Master’s in History, you’ll develop a set of academic skills such as being able to collect different sources and critically analyse them, to interpretate data and to form a constructive argument. You’ll also learn how to clearly present...