Why study Philosophy of Mind and Language in Nijmegen?

What is consciousness? Do we have a free will? As a student in our research master's in Philosophy of Mind and Language you will try to answer these questions by combining analytical philosophy, continental phenomenology and empirical data. This specialization also focusses on Language. Language is an immensely complicated tool. We talk all the time. Language is our main form of social interaction. In this Master’s specialization you’ll explore the richness of language from a social perspective. As a student in our research master Philosophy you will arm yourself with all the necessary tools for a future career in academia.

  • This is the only research master’s in the Netherlands specifically focussed on philosophy of mind and Language.
  • To be able to cover all aspects in this field we collaborate the Free University in Amsterdam and the prestigious Donders Institute, famous for its research in Cognitive Neuroscience.
  • You’ll study problems such as mental causation, phenomenal consciousness and the nature of mental state attribution from the viewpoint of neurophenomenenology and the embodied embedded cognition paradigm.
  • You’ll study the study the essence of language, that is, the ways in which we use language to communicate and cooperate.
  • Our approach to language and communication is thoroughly interdisciplinary, and brings together insights and theories from philosophy, psychology, linguistics, and the social sciences.
  • This specialisatio is offered by the section Philosophy of Mind and Language. The section is a lively research community in which researchers from various sub-disciplines of philosophy collaborate to investigate the human mind, social interaction, and language. The section has a strong interdisciplinary angle and cooperates with research institutes on campus and across Europe.
  • The Radboud University campus offers an exceptionally rich environment for studying language in all its aspects, with the Centre for Language Studies, the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, and the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistcs.
  • Our students rate this Master’s programme 7,6 out of 10 according to the National Student Survey 2022.

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