Career prospects

During the Philosophy, Politics and Society specialisation, you learn to think about issues in debates with major thinkers. You study texts by philosophers, political scientists and sociologists of the past and present, not because of the author, but to understand things that you can use now. What you learn here is applicable to our immediate social, scientific and political situation.

After you graduate, you will be well equipped to analyse texts and decipher abstract concepts. You will have the ability to think outside of the box and be highly proficient in problem solving. You can use these skills in society, social-political debates and work.

After your studies

Graduates of the Master’s specialisation in Philosophy, Politics and Society have a wide range of options. Our aim is to train you for a career in journalism, politics, government, consultancy or education by giving you the skills to research and write independently. You do not just write academic papers, but actively train the skills required for a career in consultancy.

Dutch students who would like to become a teacher within the Netherlands, could continue to attain the academic teacher’s degree (Lerarenopleiding Mens- en Maatschappijwetenschappen), offered by the Radboud Teaching Academy.

Labour market information in the Netherlands Studiekeuze123*

Of the graduates in the Master’s programme in Philosophy, 47% found a job within their field. The gross starting salary based on 32 hours a week is €2,350. (Source:, 2021)

Possible occupations

  • Consultant
  • Editor
  • Journalist
  • Official
  • Politician

Radboud Career Service

You can always contact the Radboud Career Service. The Career Service offers students and young alumni guidance and support as they venture into the labour market. Career Service is available for career guidance, job application tips or if you require information about internships and job vacancies.

Keep learning after your Master’s

Do you want to keep pace with the rapid progress in our current society after your studies? Then a post-master might be something for you. The Radboud Academy offers many opportunities for lifelong development. Or do you want to learn to translate your academic skills into an actual job? Then you can participate in our Young Professional Programme after your master's (in Dutch).