Why study Philosophy, Politics and Society in Nijmegen?

This Master’s programme focuses on contemporary philosophical debates in the domains of politics, ecology and science. These three domains are home to some of the most pressing questions and challenges of our time. 

We study a plethora of fields including the rationality of biopolitical governance, the role of values in scientific research and science policy, relations between philosophies of nature and political philosophy, and ethical questions raised in debates about sustainability.

Students benefit from the research institutes affiliated with the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious studies. For instance, the involvement of the Center for Contemporary European Philosophy is reflected in the strong representation of the Continental philosophical tradition in this specialisation, while the involvement of the Department of Philosophy of Cognition and Language brings a more analytical approach to the three subjects central to PPS.

  • Radboud University hosts the Radboud Centre for Sustainability Challenges and a dedicated Green Office
  • Our classes are small and interactive. Our professors are easily approachable, and there is an open environment where you come into contact with other students.
  • Our campus in Nijmegen is the greenest and most beautiful in the Netherlands and everything is within walking distance.
  • We encourage our students to take a multidisciplinary approach to their studies, and in many cases, you are free to customise your own programme, so you can learn about and research topics that you are passionate about.
  • You earn a valuable diploma from an outstanding university.
  • We stimulate and support the development of your critical skills to improve your chances in the job market.

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Why Radboud University

F.C. Sophia

Study association F.C. Sophia

F.C. Sophia is the study association for philosophy and PPS students on the faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious studies. F.C. Sophia organizes philosophical and social activities, such as monthly drinks, lunches, weekends away, game or party evenings, barbecues and so on.