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Keuzegids 2022 masters

Master's specialisationPolitical Theory

Study various aspects of the relationship between political power and morality. The central question here is whether political principles, institutions, and practices can ever be legitimate. What may we force each other to do? What should we do?

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  • We focus on issues of power, justice and recognition in any context, from the individual via the city to the global sphere, helping you to comprehend both the complexity and diversity of today's political landscape.
  • We are also inspired by the challenges raised the environment, democracy and urbanization – in what sense are they challenges, why, and for whom? Can we broaden our minds, move beyond entrenched positions in public debates and help develop new insights regarding these (and other) urgent subjects?
  • We study how political choices are legitimised (or not), discussing the various shapes and disguises of power, the role of authority (versus) morality, and the meaning of identity.
  • The programme received above-average scores on its quality of teaching and its active and engaging academic community (Source: Keuzegids 2023).
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I think it is important that there are people in the working field with this degree, because it allows them to think more in-depth and theoretically about political and societal issues.
Fleur Gijsen
Fleur Gijsen Student Read Fleur's story
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What will you learn

This Master’s specialisation offers students an unique opportunity to learn to assess political values, aspirations and dreams in terms of their desirability and soundness. You will also discover how political theoretical work can be introduced fruitfully in other relevant contexts. This will enable you to help civil initiatives and governmental institutions, not to mention the public at large by imagining and designing policies and ambitions that are both viable and defensible.

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Future career opportunities

Our graduates are well prepared for jobs such as:

  • Policy adviser
  • Consultant for Civic and Civil Society Organisations
  • Public affairs adviser
  • Journalist

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To indicate the type of research in this specialisation, a few examples:

  • What can and should be our ambitions for for city governance, given urgent challenges like gentrification and homelessness?
  • Can we ever control power or will it always control us?
  • Can we reinvent democracy?
  • What, if anything, do we owe to future generations, animals, the global poor or minority groups?

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