Career prospects

We believe that to be a good policy advisor, manager or administrator, you need to have good research skills. Research is what is going to make your advice be both valid and practical: both sides of the coin of policies are equally important to the political theorists.

Our graduates find employment in a variety of settings, including in consulting, national and international diplomacy and EU institutions. They can work as policy advisors, managers and leaders in local, regional and national government, as well as in business, media, NGOs, think-tanks and civic organisations. Quite a few go on to pursue a PhD degree.

After your studies

Our graduates are well prepared for jobs such as:

  • National and international diplomacy
  • EU institutions
  • Managers and leaders in local, regional and national government
  • Think-tanks

"In just a few months, I see our students grow; they gain knowledge, argumentative skills and self-confidence. I see them develop from well-educated novices into the flourishing citizens of tomorrow." 

- Prof. Marcel Wissenburg | Radboud University

Radboud Career Service

Radboud Career Service helps students with finding internships, gives career advice and can offer tips and guidance when applying for jobs.

Keep learning after your Master’s

Do you want to keep pace with the rapid progress in our current society after your studies? Then a post-master might be something for you. The Radboud Academy offers many opportunities for lifelong development.