Why study Practical Theology in Nijmegen?

Radboud University’s Master’s specialisation in Practical Theology is all about studying lived religion and lived spirituality. With which memories, motivations and emotions do people today connect with Christian stories? In the Church-related locations and practices of religious motives are quiet clear, based on centuries of religious practices and traditions. Yet, in the public and semi-public domain, it is often less clear and straight-forward. The role of practical theologians is to go in search of these new religious motives. Where and in what way do people find inspiration? How do they give bearings to their lives?

In other words, we train our practical theologians to go in search of new forms of religiosity in order to gain an understanding of the transformation of religion. The church is not always the place for contemplation, sometimes people turn to the beach, the woods or even a health club with headphones on.  The challenge is to deal with the tension between religious traditions and the many contemporary forms of spirituality.

  • The new theoretical approach of Practical Theology at Radboud University manifests itself in the search for theological concepts that match the changing shape of the Christian religion in the life of individuals as well as fresh expressions of religious institutions.
  • Thanks to electives, students have plenty of room to choose a direction that eets their professional and academic interests. Taking a few seminars from the other theology disciplines of choice (Church History, Literary Theology or Practical Theology) is mandatory to broaden students general knowledge on Theology.
  • The third year is aimed at training students for a specific profession. 
  • Teaching takes place in a stimulating, collegial setting with small groups, allowing for ample opportunity for questions and discussion.
  • Radboud University and its Theology department are Roman Catholic in origin, but its Master’s programme in Theology is open to all students. Our students have very diverse religious and cultural backgrounds.

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Why Radboud University

Studievereniging Awaz

Faculteitsvereniging Awaz

Awaz is sinds 2005 de faculteitsvereniging van de opleidingen Theologie en Religiewetenschappen. De vereniging heeft als doel: "Door middel van studiegerelateerde en niet-studiegerelateerde activiteiten fungeren als bindende factor tussen studenten en medewerkers zowel binnen de Faculteit der Filosofie, Theologie en Religiewetenschappen als daarbuiten." Voorbeelden van activiteiten zijn maandelijkse borrels, filmavonden, lezingen, een familiesymposium, kloosterweekend, bezoeken aan geloofsgemeenschappen en studiereizen.

Bekijk de website, breng een bezoek aan de Awaz-kamer in E14.18 (Erasmus) of bekijk de Facebookpagina.