Our approach to this field

When it comes to behaviour change and social influence, the needs of practitioners in the professional field and scientific expertise do not always complement each other. Insights from scientific research do not reach society as often as they should. Even though these are the very insights that companies and institutions need, for example, if they want to stimulate sustainability, deal optimally with cultural diversity or apply knowledge of behaviour change to marketing issues. 

In the Master's specialisation in Behaviour Change, you will make a difference by connecting the psychological science with the actual practice of changing behaviour. Using the project-based approach, you will learn to examine and analyse problems and issues that involve behaviour and change it. You will do this by:

  • Gaining comprehensive knowledge of the latest scientific insights into the psychology of behaviour change and the corresponding creative applications.
  • Promoting behaviour change in practice.
  • Working effectively and scientifically in a practice-based environment.
  • Using practice-oriented research skills in accordance with the DRIVE model.
  • Applying your knowledge and skills in actual practice through research programmes and internships.