Why study Behaviour Change in Nijmegen?

At Radboud University, you will be scientifically trained to become an all-round behaviour change expert. You will closely study literature, research methods and apply statistics in order to gain  profound insight into the driving forces of people’s behaviour, and how to influence these forces in practice. The study programme follows a coherent, multi-perspective curriculum. This means that the courses build upon each other with a single goal: for you to become a scientific expert of behaviour change in all its forms. You will gain state-of-the-art insight into theories of behaviour change and when and how to apply them. Our classes are small and interactive, and our professors are approachable easily. There is an open environment where you can easily come in contact with other students. The programme has a wide range of contacts and alliance partnerships within the professional field. Important behaviour change domains include health and sustainability behaviours, reducing discrimination and promoting diversity, and active citizenship. And finally, your prospects as a graduate psychologist in the field of behaviour change are quite diverse, ranging from commercial clients to government agencies or charities. This Master’s specialisation is not about tricks or specific techniques. You develop yourself as a behaviour change expert and you learn to 
think and work as a scientist. This enables you to start your professional career as a behaviour changer!

Have you ever wondered

  • How to persuade teenagers to buy sustainably produced clothing?
  • How to solve the litter problem of ‘discarded newspapers’ in trains?
  • How to set up a company canteen in such a way that it induces healthy eating?
  • How can the tax authority encourage prompt declarations and payments?
  • How to increase the participation rate among blood donors?

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