Public Administration

The Master's programme in Public Administration at Radboud University will focus on the functioning and structure of organisations related to public administration. The master's programme trains you to become a public manager: someone who, with a broad knowledge of the functioning and design of the government, is able to come up with solutions for both internal organisational problems as well as social policy problems of the government. Within the master's programme in Public Administration, you can choose between four different master's specialisations.

*Note that the specialization in European Union Governance and Politics is taught in English.


  • Policy Analysis and Consulting

    Focus on policy formation and analysis and the role that is consequently played by knowledge and conviction. Learn about how policy controversies can be constructively addressed.

  • Governance of Safety and Security

    How do governments, politics, the media and citizens deal with security? Study the design and implementation of security and crisis management policies and learn about the critical analysis of the current security policy.

  • Governance and management of local affairs

    Discover how public organisations are able to effectively deal with social problems and carry out public tasks. Learn about how the internal management of these organisations works and learn about the relations between them.

  • European Union Governance and Politics | Public Administration

    How can the effectiveness of EU policy be ensured? How does the EU engage with societal actors, and what effect does this have on the EU's legitimacy? This multidisciplinary Master's equips you with cutting-edge insights from politics and governance to tackle questions like these.


When your education background does not grant you direct admission to the Master's programme in Public Administration, you can, in some cases, enrol in a pre-Master's programme. A pre-Master’s programme is (usually) a one-year programme (60 EC’s) especially designed to bridge the gap between your prior education and our Master’s in Public Administration. Finishing one of these programmes grants direct access to the Master’s programme.

  • Pre-Master's Bestuurskunde

    In some cases, a student’s study programme may prevent them from being granted direct admission to the Master’s programme in Public Administration. If they successfully complete the pre-Master’s programme, they will be granted direct admission.