Why study Quantum Matter in Nijmegen?

Quantum Matter (previously called Physics of Molecules and Materials) covers the quantum realm in materials science. In this specialisation, you will gain a bottom-up expertise of quantum matter, including a fundamental understanding of collective and emergent quantum phenomena, where the whole is more than the sum of its parts. A key approach of the specialisation is to teach you how such systems can be investigated by both theoretical and experimental state-of-the-art methods.

In Nijmegen, some of the worldwide most advanced spectroscopy and microscopy tools are available. Many of them have been developed on campus, and we are proud to continue pushing the limits of what can be measured. The same is true for theoretical method developments. Not only is this a highly interesting field of fundamental research, our discoveries can also serve as stepping stones toward “tomorrow’s” applications, e.g. energy-efficient materials, spintronics, quantum or neuromorphic computing. This interconnection between theory and practice is represented in our programme, which allows you to decide whether you want a more theoretical or experimental approach - or both. 

Why study Quantum Matter?

  • Radboud University is unique in its close cooperation between our molecular and solid state physics departments, brought together in the interdisciplinary research Institute for Molecules and Materials (IMM).
  • We offer a wide selection of both theoretical and experimental elective courses in molecular physics as well as condensed matter physics, which means you can choose an either theoretical or experimental focus, or balance both.
  • Get hands on exceptional and worldwide unique spectroscopic and microscopic techniques to probe quantum matter under extreme conditions.
  • Step into a quickly and ever-emerging field of fundamental research (more than 30 Nobel Prizes in the past 40 years connected to this field) that simultaneously offers real-world application perspectives.
  • Because of the large number of relevant research departments within Radboud University, we offer many PhD opportunities in this field every year. 
  • You can choose to either focus on a particular topic or to remain broad in this interdisciplinary field connecting physics with chemistry.
  • You can choose to combine your Master's with the field of computer science in the synergy track Computational and Data Science.


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