Research Master's in Philosophy

Philosophical research is work that requires intense and extensive training. When you pursue a career in academic philosophy the ideal place to acquire that training is our Research Master's in Philosophy. The programme offers five different specialisations.


  • Metaphysics and Philosophical Anthropology

    You will study ancient fundamental questions about ’existence’, the relationship between language and truth, and the essence of reality and explore philosophical questions about the nature of man from the perspective of continental philosophy.

  • Ethics and Political Philosophy

    In this English-taught Master’s specialisation of the Philosophy Research Master’s programme you will study moral conflicts and ethical issues in contemporary Western culture and how politics is a way of coping with these dilemmas.

  • Philosophy of Mind and Language

    In this Philosophy Research master’s specialisation you will explore explicit connections to developments in cognitive neuroscience and linguistics and explore the richness of language and communication from a social and evolutionary perspective.

  • History of Philosophy and Science

    There is an English-taught Master’s programme that is offered in Nijmegen that is called History of Philosophy and Science. This is a Master’s specialisation that focuses on the entire history of philosophy, from antiquity to modern times.

  • Philosophy of Religion

    The specialisation in Philosophy of Religion explores both classical questions concerning religion, such as the problem of evil, the conceptualization of faith and religious practices, and the issues of religious pluralism and (in)tolerance.