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Curriculum of Science, Management and Innovation

During your first year, you focus on either Biology, Computing Science, Mathematics, Medical Biology, Molecular Sciences or Physics and Astronomy, depending on the Master's programme that you follow. The specific content of SMI starts in the second year of your Master’s programme, which consists of some compulsory courses, theme courses and a research project.

About this study curriculum

The course overview is an indication of the study programme of the academic year 2023-2024. Are you a current student, please consult the online course guide for your course overview.


Course overview

This course overview presents the SMI-specific course overview, which takes place in the second year of your Master's. The first year curriculum depends on which Master's you choose. You can find the first-year course overview for each Master's at the bottom of this page. 

The structure of your SMI year is as follows:

  • Compulsory courses (15 EC)
  • Theme courses (15 EC)  
  • Research Project (27 or 30 EC)

You select a societally relevant theme to focus on and following a total of 15 EC of courses related to this theme. We offer four themes that are available to all students in this specialisation: Climate and Energy, Health, Green Industries & IT and Biodiversity. For these themes, we created courses directly geared to students interested in management and innovation.

Total EC
60 EC
Elective courses

Theme courses: Energy and Climate

Total number EC: 15 EC

Theme courses: Health

Total number EC: 15 EC
Free elective
3 EC
  1. P1
  2. P2
  3. P3
  4. P4

Theme courses: Green Industries & IT

Total number EC: 15 EC

Theme courses: Biodiversity

Total number EC: 15 EC

* Students who follow the Master's specialisation Water and Environment choose the course NWI-BM060C Quantitative Conservation Ecology (6 EC) instead.

Thesis & research

The SMI Research Project is 27 EC with the option to make it 30 EC.

During your research project, you’ll work outside of the university on a real-world research problem in the theme you have chosen. Here, you take the essential step of applying what you have learned in your courses into practice. The project can be done within a company, a governmental organisation or department, the strategy department of a research lab or a non-governmental organisation, both inside or outside the Netherlands or Europe. The staff as well as our Career Service will help you find a tailor-made internship position that meets you future ambition.