Why study Science, Management and Innovation in Nijmegen?

Many organisations struggle with societal challenges when working towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to health, climate and energy, industry and biodiversity. Addressing these challenges requires knowledge in the field of natural or computer sciences, but also from other disciplines, such as policy, management and innovation. Solutions for such challenges requires scientists with an analytical background as well as a business and societal understanding. In Science, Management and Innovation (SMI) you will gain expertise in societal challenges, work on the Sustainable Development Goals  and learn the ability to speak the language of policy and business.


Why study Science, Management and Innovation?

  • A unique, two-year programme in which you first advance your knowledge in your scientific field and then apply it to a societal relevant business or policy question.
  • You will gain work experience outside of academia during your Master’s and develop skills including interviewing, oral presentation, cooperation and entrepreneurship, thus enhancing your job opportunities.
  • It is a great experience to work on joint projects and courses with students from various disciplines and backgrounds.
  • You create a unique profile by combining a widely recognised and highly regarded science disciplinary background with specialising in a societal science theme: Health, Climate & Energy, Industries & Green IT, or Biodiversity.

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