Daphne Janssen

Daphne Janssen
I think people with this degree have the skills to conduct very thorough social scientific research.
Daphne Janssen
Social and Cultural Science: Comparative Research on Societies (research)
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Bachelor Sociology (Radboud University)

Master's student Daphne Janssen is studying Social and Cultural Science (Comparative Sociological Research) at Radboud University. 

What do you like about the Master's programme and why? How has the programme challenged you (in relation to your previous education)?

What I like about the programme is it's interdisciplinarity. Although my heart is in sociological research, it is really nice to be able to delve into the theoretical and methodological aspects of anthropological- and politicial science research as well. This combination of disciplines also made this Master's programme more challenging compared to my Bachelor's programme.

What do you think about the atmosphere in class?

The atmosphere is great. Especially the fact that the teachers are very approachable to the students. You are always welcome to walk in when you are worried about something or when something is not quite clear to you. This really makes me feel heard as a student.

What do you find most challenging in your Master’s programme? Have you encountered any obstacles?

The aspect I found most challenging about my programme was the course on social network analysis and data scraping. A lot was expected of you in a short period of time, which made it quite difficult to keep up with the coursework, while letting all the information sink in.  

Are you currently doing an internship? Or what is your thesis about?

My master's thesis is about anti-feminist attitudes among men. From an integrated theoretical framework I derive expectations about educational and cohort differences in men, and the degree to which they hold anti-feminist attitudes. Moreover, I'm comparing attitudes across time and space, by comparing several European countries. I am very curious about the results. 

Why do you think is it important that there are people out there with this degree? What are your plans once have received your Master's degree?

I think people with this degree have the skills to conduct very thorough social scientific research. Whether this research contributes to the scientific community or results in policy advice or practical applications depends on the person. That is the beauty of it.