Nadia Hageman

Portraitphoto Nadia Hageman
During this Master's I've learned a lot of different skills and gained quite some knowledge.
Nadia Hageman
Social and Cultural Science: Comparative Research on Societies (research)
Study end date
Previous education
Pre-master's Anthropology and Developmental Sociology (Radboud University)

Research Master's student Nadia Hageman is studying Social and Cultural Science (Research) at Radboud University.

What knowledge and skills did you learn during your Research Master’s that are really useful to you now?

During this Research Master's I've learned a lot of different skills and gained quite some knowledge. For a start, I learned both qualitative and quantitative research skills. I now know how to do statistical analysis as well as how I can develop a coherent qualitative research. Moreover, I gained knowledge on the subjects of my interests, i.e. criminal science, anthropology, sociology, youth, identity, (in)equality, diversity, policing and ethnic profiling. I gained this knowledge mostly during thematic (elective) courses but also during methodological courses.

What did you find most challenging in your Research Master’s? Did you encounter any obstacles?

The most challenging part for me was the workload during the first semester of the first year. The things we needed to do were not necessarily very difficult or complex, but just a lot. For instance, next to full days at the university from Monday till Friday, I also needed to spend a few hours in the weekend on self-study.

Do you have any tips/suggestions for prospective students?

I think that this Research Master's is very nice and doable if you are willing to put in the work. So as a tip I would say: Make sure to work efficiently and when cooperating, try to divide the workload between you and your fellow students. Moreover, if you are already somewhat stressed: 'first things first.'