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MasterSocial and Political Philosophy

From September 2023 onward this specialisation will be known as Ethics and Political Philosophy.

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  • This specialisation strongly focuses on fundamental concepts regarding freedom, politics, power, justice, conflict and struggle.
  • Our staff represents different philosophical currents, including analytic and continental approaches.
  • The programme offers a lively, international environment.
  • This Research master’s specialisation is part of a broader Research Master’s programme.
  • All research master students are assisted by a personal supervisor.
  • 60 EC's of the courses are tailored to academic research. 
  • Our students rate this Master’s programme 7,6 out of 10 according to the National Student Survey 2022.
Why in Nijmegen?

Admission requirements

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The Research Master prepares you for working in the academic field and doing research.
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What will you learn

Everything is political, but nothing is only political. That is the basic intuition behind the research Master’s in Social and Political Philosophy at Radboud University. How fundamental concepts such as freedom, power, justice, and so on are judged and how words and phrases are being used in political debates, has an essential impact on the outcome of a debate. As a social and political philosopher you’ll be geared towards pinpointing where these—often unconscious—assumptions are at work. This will enable you to make people aware of them. Key authors for this specialisation are: Aristotle, Arendt, Foucault, Hobbes, Kant, Macchiavelli, Marx, Rawls, Schmitt, Spinoza, and Žižek.

Study Programme

Future career opportunities

This programme has been designed for people with the ambition to conduct philosophical research at a university. Graduates tend to fall into one of three groups:

  1. A majority of the students continue their research within academia by applying for a doctoral programme in the Netherlands or abroad. We take particular pride in the fact that more than 55 percent of our graduates manage to obtain a PhD position within two years of graduating.
  2. A second group goes on to teach philosophy at secondary schools.
  3. And a third group enters research-related professions outside of education.

Our graduates are also represented in journalism, science policy, and politics.

The reputation of Radboud University – and of the Philosophy Faculty in particular – will definitely serve you well whichever career path you choose.

Career Prospects


All of the research related to this specialisation is embedded in section [Practical Philosophy], which pays a lot of attention to interpreting, problematising and actualising classical texts, as well as focuses on actual ethical and political discussions. The research group carries out fundamental research in the field of ethics and social and political philosophy. In the field of ‘social and political philosophy' the focus is on actual discussions on the crisis of and conceptualisation of democracy. Also important are critical studies concerning neoliberalism and discussion on religious conflicts about modernity and secularisation.

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Tuitions & grants

If you are going to follow this master's programme, you will pay an annual tuition fee. There are different tuition rates. The amount depends on your personal situation.

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