Why study Software Science in Nijmegen?

Software science is an intellectually challenging subject that underpins the core technologies of the 21st century. Writing good software is a highly creative process, which requires the ability to approach problems in entirely novel ways through computational thinking. Software plays a role in almost every aspect of our daily lives and in every organisation anywhere in the world. It can often be a crucial key to their success. Therefore, producing software is not merely a technological enterprise but a deeply scientific and creative one as well. This specialisation goes far beyond basic code writing. It’s about analysing and testing code in order to improve it as well as simplify it.

Why study Software Science?

  • Although not the only focus, our programme puts a lot of emphasis on embedded software and functional programming.
  • We teach a unique range of software analysis techniques and application down to practical/commercial use in industry.
  • This specialisation builds on the strong international reputation of the Institute for Computing and Information Sciences (iCIS) in areas such as model based and virtual product development, advanced programming, and domain specific languages. We also closely collaborate with the Embedded Systems Institute.
  • Our approach is pragmatic as well as theoretical. As an academic, we don’t just expect you to understand and make use of the appropriate tools, but also to program and develop your own.
  • For your Master’s research we have a large number of companies like Philips, ASML and NXP offering projects.
  • Thanks to free electives students can branch out to other Computing Science domains at Radboud University such as security, machine learning or more in-depth mathematical foundations of computer science.
  • The job opportunities are excellent: some of our students get offered jobs before they’ve even graduated and almost all of our graduates have positions within six months after graduating.

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