Candy Paasche

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I feel so at home at Radboud. People are very friendly and really dedicated to their studies. It kind of rubs off on you and then you start to want to become the best version of yourself, because you see that others really strive for their best.
Candy Paasche
Theology 1 yr
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St. Mary’s University, Twickenham

Student Candy Paasche follows the one-year master's program Theology (christian spirituality).

What do you like about the specialisation and why? How has it challenged you?

I am really enjoying all of my classes so far. I am specializing in MA Christian Spirituality and it so rewarding. My lecturers care so much about the students, that they are always there to help me whenever I need it. I like that I have a balance of independence and yet I can also seek out guidance when I need it. I feel that is how a Master’s student should approach their studies. What took me by surprise and pretty much challenged me in every way were the methods of learning. Most notably the class presentations. It was the discussions afterwards with the rest of my peers that I initially found to be quite intimidating and challenging. I think it’s because it was all new to me as my previous university in the UK never included this type of learning. For me there was not any major difficulties that I have experienced as of yet, I just feel that you need to come in with a positive attitude in all things you do and simply be willing to learn. That is what helps!

What do you think about the atmosphere in class?

The atmosphere in the class is definitely a ‘ready to learn’ attitude. I feel that there is always a sense of professionalism and since you can always tell how engaged the rest of the students are and how hungry they are to learn- you do not want to be left behind and push yourself to contribute in any ways necessary. Other than that, I feel that I am always free to say what I think, whether it be wrong or right. There are no judgments. Everyone is learning from each other.

What do you find most challenging in your Master’s specialisation? 

Yes, absolutely! As stated before, the methods of learning were initially quite challenging for me. The class presentations themselves were not the difficult part, it was the class discussion afterwards that sometimes used to throw me off balance. In the UK we only ever done our presentations, but we never had a type of seminar approach after with questions and answers. Thus, when it came to that part, I was always weary. It could be a form of fear incase your thoughts and answers weren’t good enough, or if you came up with a ‘silly’ answer. Its that fear of judgement that I have learnt is all in my head and the purpose of being here at Radboud or at any university for that matter is to learn. Besides, the lecturers and your peers are always there to help you understand, which is wonderful. I never feel left behind.

What is your thesis about?

My thesis is based on Mariology. To summarize, I shall be investigating the ways in which three female characters from Tolkien’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’ amalgamate the traditional and contrasting feminine archetypes. It is mixture of literature and Christian Spirituality and I am very excited to be continuing this venture from my Bachelor thesis. It’s (hopefully) going to be bigger and better!

Why do you think is it important that that there are people out there with this degree?

It is certainly very important that there are people out with this degree for many reasons. The most prominent one is the fact that I have noticed a decline in the interest in pursuing a Theology MA. It is does not cater to the mainstream anymore. It could be a sign of the times, that most individuals in Western society have no passion nor interest for religious or philosophical matters. It is very disheartening. There needs to be a revival in Theology. It’s people like you and me who have this degree that can educate others that have not heard of it before- and there are plenty. I tend to get ‘Huh? Theology, what’s that?’ and now its time to tell them what they have been missing.

What are your plans once have received your Master's degree?

I am still very young, and I definitely have a few avenues that I would love to pursue. All in all, they are currently in God’s hands.

Why did you choose Nijmegen and Radboud University?

I choose Radboud University because of its wonderful theology department as well as its Catholic background. I could not see myself going to any random university in the world that did not have a well-received theology faculty and of course my specialization was offered at Radboud, so it made sense to study here. I choose Nijmegen because of its historical and eco-friendly richness. It is the oldest city in the Netherlands and the second to be recognized as such in Roman times- it is over 2,000 years old. How can you not want to study here? I’m a lover of history and sustainability - this appealed to me a great deal.

What do you like about Nijmegen?

My goodness, I could talk about Nijmegen all day to my friends back home in the UK. They will be talking about visiting other major cities like Amsterdam or Rotterdam, but I always say that Nijmegen is my little best kept secret when I’m in the Netherlands. During the summer it is the most beautiful place to be. Everyone is lively, talkative and friendly. The beach was also a surprise to me. I like to go there and hang out with my friends to drink some cool drinks, swim and relax. Just take in all of the summer vibes and joy. Nijmegen is simply AMAZING! I am thankful to God that I am here.

Why would you recommend studying Theology at Radboud University?

It is a wonderful community, that really wants to see their students grow and flourish into great citizens of the world. I feel so at home at Radboud. People are very friendly and really dedicated to their studies. It kind of rubs off on you and then you start to want to become the best version of yourself, because you see that others really strive for their best. So far, I feel as though I am becoming the best version of myself here and I am forever feeling grateful and blessed!