Theology (3 year)

Radboud University offers theology Master’s students a comprehensive 3 year academic programme in which they broaden their knowledge of theology and specialise in one of four disciplines of theology. We also offer a 1 year Theology programme.


  • Biblical Exegesis

    This English-taught specialisation of the Master’s programme in Theology will focus on textual interpretations of biblical writings. Master’s students will explore key concepts in Biblical texts with respect to their cultural and historical context.

  • History of Church and Theology

    Students of the Master’s specialisation in Church History are trained to investigate historical developments with a critical and analytical eye.

  • Practical Theology

    In the English-taught Master’s specialisation in Practical Theology, you will explore religious identity in a pluralistic, individualised society.

  • Systematic Theology

    Learn to enhance your capacity for theological reflection and Christian intellectual, so that you can confidently enter the public debates on issues as atheism, post-secularism and science.

  • Pre-Master's Religiewetenschappen

    If you do not meet the admission requirements for the Master's in Religious Studies, it may be possible to be admitted to the pre-Master's programme.

  • Pre-Master's Theology

    If your Bachelor’s programme prevents you from directly enrolling in the Master’s programme in Theology or Religious Studies, you may be eligible for a pre-Master’s programme.