Bavo Oost

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Studying the MA Transatlantic Studies here in Nijmegen felt like coming home!
Bavo Oost
Transatlantic Studies: History, Culture and Politics
Country of previous education
The Netherlands
Previous education
Bachelor's American Studies

Bavo Oost studies Transatlantic Studies at Radboud University.

Why did you choose this Master's program?

Before starting with the Master’s program of Transatlantic Studies, I completed the BA American Studies here in Nijmegen and was finishing up the MA International Relations in Historical Perspective at Utrecht University. While I could have simply graduated after the Master’s program in Utrecht, I wanted to continue studying and Transatlantic Studies was a perfect fit because it combines aspects of International Relations with American Studies. What sets Transatlantic Studies apart from other MA programs is not just the curriculum but also the close connections you establish with your fellow students and teachers.

The MA program proved to be a great addition to the bachelor American Studies. While the BA introduced me to the various disciplines and theories within American Studies, the MA really showed how all these concepts fit into a larger theoretical structure and historiography. I felt there was a lot of room to make the program your own, for example by either choosing electives or applying for an internship. Even though most of the classes were online due to the corona pandemic, I still enjoyed them. You could see that both teachers and fellow students put in a lot of effort into making the most of the online classes.

How does the Master's program prepare you for your career?

I also learned skills that are useful in my professional life. One assignment which sticks to my mind was a group project for the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Dutch government. We wrote a substantial policy paper about the challenges and opportunities of the (then recently inaugurated) presidency of Joe Biden. We worked directly with the department staff, interviewed experts in the field, and incorporated state-of-the-art research. A few months later, we even made a podcast episode about the policy paper with our supervisor Dr. Albertine Bloemendal and the Jonge Atlantici. This really was a great exercise to put everything we learned into practice.

At the moment, I am in the process of graduating and I just started as a freelance editor for national radio stations. I look for stories, prepare interviews, and make sure everything broadcasts as planned. I am especially interested in stories that engage with the United States, history, and international politics. The Master’s program in Transatlantic Studies still helps me in my work because it allows me to put the daily news into perspective. My dream job is to be a correspondent in the United States, and I believe this MA is a step in the right direction.