Why study Transatlantic Studies: History, Culture and Politics in Nijmegen?

This one-year academic programme examines the important political and cultural connections between the two sides of the Atlantic Ocean. In a truly interdisciplinary fashion this programme is grounded in American studies as it intersects with cultural and political history, and international relations. This will enable you to analyse the forces of globalisation, migration and cultural transfer, and engage with current transatlantic debates about urgent topics such as populist politics, transatlantic alliances and diplomacy, diversity, racism, Black Lives Matter, indigenous peoples, and the legacies of colonialism.


Master's specialisation in Transatlantic Studies: History, Culture and Politics

  • In a truly interdisciplinary fashion, this one-year academic program examines the multilayered political, historical, cultural and diplomatic connections between North America and Europe.
  • The program is firmly grounded in American studies including cultural and political history, international relations, and political science to critically map, investigate, and evaluate transatlantic relations at the intersection of politics, history, and culture, including literature, visual media and music.
  • This will help you to understand the forces of globalisation, transnationalism and cultural transfer, as they are at work, for instance, in current debates about intercultural confrontations, mass media, migration, populist politics, environmental issues as well as the future of US power and culture.
  • Our department consists of a diverse staff, with a range of international backgrounds, experiences, academic specialisations and approaches.
  • We emphasise individual attention to students and offer significant thesis supervision.
  • We believe in a hands-on approach, meaning that in addition to lectures there are excursions, international internship possibilities and interfaculty seminars.
  • As electives, you can take related courses taught at other Master’s programs as HistoryPolitical ScienceLinguistics and Philosophy.

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