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Master's specialisationUrban and Regional Mobility

Are you interested in increasingly complex flows of people and goods in the networked city and region? This Master's specialisation will prepare you for dealing with integrated mobility systems and transport modes across spatial scales.

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Something for you?

  • You will develop smart, integrated and sustainable solutions for urban and regional mobility challenges.
  • You are interested in developing a different understanding of (mobility) planning and a diversity of practices.
  • You are trained to think outside given boxes, in a program with well-established core courses and personalised electives.
  • Small, almost 'family-like' department that covers a broad range of topics with a strong track record in research.
Why study this programme?

Admission requirements

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Admission and application
All lecturers are very involved with the assignment you are working on and many are also interested in your opinion.
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What will you learn

Mobility deals with increasingly complex flows of people and goods in the networked city and region. With different technologies, lifestyles and spatial structures, the demand side is always changing. On the supply side, services become more flexible and the physical infrastructure is used more efficiently. This Master's specialisation will look into various integrated mobility systems or transport modes across various spatial scales. Furthermore, the specialisation looks at innovations for strategic spatial planning, and how accessibility and transportation fit in these innovations.

Study programme

Future career opportunities

You will develop a deep understanding of the relationship between spatial planning and mobility, which makes you well suited for a job position such as:

  • Consultant on mobility and accessibility issues
  • Policy maker for a government institution
  • Project manager of infrastructure projects

Career prospects


To indicate the type of research in this specialisation, a few examples:

  • What innovative new practices can be used to provide mobility options for various population segments?
  • How do the demand and supply side of mobility change given the continuous urbanisation?
  • How to integrate accessibility into strategic policy-making for fair and sustainable cities?

Questions about this programme?

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Tuitions & grants

If you are going to follow this Master's programme, you will pay an annual tuition fee. There are different tuition rates. The amount depends on your personal situation.