Persons in conversation Radboud Honours Academy
Persons in conversation Radboud Honours Academy

Radboud Honours Academy

Do you like to go the extra mile and do you like thinking about current, social themes from different academic perspectives? Or would you like to conduct research within your own field of study and get the best out of yourself during your studies? Then the Radboud Honours Academy could be exactly what you’re looking for, at any stage of your studies.

Honoursstudenten overleggen met elkaar

What to expect

  • You will address social, topical issues, such as the future of food, Big Tech or the connection between terrorism and climate change. There will also be scope to explore a subject of your choice.
  • Collaboration with students from academic specialisms forms an important part of many honours programmes. This will teach you how to look at a problem from different angles and will allow you to appreciate the added value of your own field of study.
  • You will focus on skills that you wish to subsequently develop, such as those pertaining to presenting, storytelling via video, debating or persuasive writing.
  • You will collaborate with motivated and enthusiastic students.
  • Considerable attention will be paid to your personal and professional development. 
  • As a study association, the Nijmegen Honours Association (NSHV) organises activities that encourages students to get to know each other in an informal setting.


It doesn’t cost anything to take part in the honours programmes and honours labs. However, some programmes will require you to pay your own contribution towards a study abroad placement. In some cases, you may be eligible for a grant, but you will have to apply for this yourself.

The programmes and honours labs will also require a time investment. The programmes will require you to devote around six to eight hours a week in addition to your study; for first year students this will be around five to six hours a week. The time investment for each honours lab may differ and will depend on the project design.


You will need to apply to take part in an honours programme or honours lab. During a personal interview, we will discuss the programme or honours lab with you to see whether it is the right choice for you. Your intrinsic motivation will therefore be crucial to this process. It is crucial that your participation does not have a negative impact on your academic results.

Experiences of honours students

Curious about what the Radboud Honours Academy is all about? Enthusiastic, motivated students each make their own contribution, learning from each other's perspectives and developing themselves personally and professionally. Read more about their experiences in honours education!


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