Studenten Onderneming & Recht
Studenten Onderneming & Recht

Honours labs

In addition to the one and two-year honours programmes, the Honours Academy also offers honours labs. In these short, experimental projects, you spend a number of weeks or months working on a topical issue. Researching what the future of food looks like, for example, experiencing from within the arts how you view a concept as 'truth' or unravelling the logic of media in election times.

Honours labs are open to RU students from all study programmes, both for honours students and those who are not taking an honours programme. If you are motivated to join in, you're very welcome!


The honours labs take place every year instead of the second semester of the academic year.

For the current academic year, the honours labs will be announced in December 2023.

Customised honours labs

Sometimes, honours labs are organised for a specific target group. See the list below.


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Information for lecturers

Does the idea of teaching students from a variety of faculties in an interdisciplinary way appeal to you? Would you like to experiment with innovative teaching methods for once? And would you like to work with a group of motivated students who also want to take a look outside the boundaries of their own study programmes. If so, organise an honours lab!

The Radboud Honours Academy is looking for lecturers who would like to initiate, organise and supervise an honours lab in the coming academic year. An honours lab is a short, experimental project in which students work on an interdisciplinary topic for a number of weeks or months. Honours labs have no fixed structure. Your education idea forms the starting point. You work that idea out into an inspiring honours lab together with Radboud Honours Academy programme directors. The Radboud Honours Academy also offers practical support in the implementations of an honours lab (such as facilities, hall hire and if necessary, the practical organisation of an excursion).

In the coming academic year, we will be organising 5 or 6 honours labs. They will all take place in the second semester, between March and June 2024. Have you got a good idea that you'd like to develop further? If so, get in touch with floor.binkhorst [at] (Floor Binkhorst).


If you're not sure whether an honours programme is for you, you'd like more information about the differences between the faculty and university-wide options, or you have another burning question, please get in touch with us!