Interdisciplinary projects 'Project Impact'

This year (2023-2024), participants in the honours programme Project Impact can choose between six different interdisciplinary projects.

Projects 2023-2024

  • Digital tools in healthcare

    In this project, we look at the digital tools that people use to monitor their own health. How do these activities relate to the work of the large healthcare organisations?

  • Foodie, entrepreneur, refugee: ‘Refugee restaurants’ as sites of encounter

    How do refugee restaurants serve as sites of encounter? This project takes us behind the scenes of Syrian refugee restaurants in the Netherlands in order to analyse the political, economic, and social relations animating such endeavours.

  • Hidden talents in young people with antisocial behaviour

    In this project, you'll be developing an instrument to help antisocial young people in the Netherlands to discover and develop their talents.

  • Higher education for all

    In this project, you'll make a recommendation to OCW for how it can implement its principles for inclusiveness, diversity and equivalence in education.

  • The challenge of the energy transition

    As a society, we face enormous challenges when it comes to a liveable future for next generations. In this project you will take a multilevel perspective on tackling the energy transition.

  • The permanence of Russian migration

    This project will aim at a better understanding of the phenomenon of Russian migration.