Thematic studios

Students participating in the Building Bridges honours programme in 2024-2025 can choose between five different studios. For two studios, the language of instruction is English and for three, it's Dutch.

  • Passende zorg

    Appropriate and affordable care

    Over 10 interactive sessions, you will learn about what unnecessary care and variations in practice entail and how these aspects relate to the appropriateness and affordability of care.

  • Hydro electric dam

    Dam Failure

    In this studio, the issue of dams provides an entry point to learn more about the issues of top-down modernisation, ecological and social engineering.

  • verkiezing USA

    Elections 2024: Democracy in Peril?

    In this studio students will gain insight in the political situation of the USA and will, drawing from their own study background, apply their knowledge in a final report on a particularly exciting race.

  • Studio foute kunst

    Problematic art, good idea?

    In this studio we are focusing on ‘problematic art’ within five different domains: music, philosophy, cartoons, photos and architecture.

  • Gender

    Show us the Future!

    In this studio, you will learn how to lead the conversation on socially sensitive topics such as sexual and gender diversity, and you will organise a programme at the ‘Show us the Future’ Rainbow Conference at LUX.