Think tanks

In a think tank, you will collaborate with a group of students from different studies on a complex and interdisciplinary issue of an external party: a ministry, film house, healthcare institution, museum, media organization, NGO, company, etc.

By participating in the think tank, you will learn how to conduct goal-oriented research, collaborate in an interdisciplinary team, and present research results to external partners. At the end of the process, there will be a substantiated final product for the client. This can be an advisory report with concrete recommendations, but also an infographic, podcast, video, exhibition, campaign or an activity organized by you.

Each think tank starts with a two-day kick-off. At that kick-off, you get to know the group better, have a meeting with the client to clarify the issue and think about team building, planning and division of tasks.

After that, you will work on the assignment on a fixed evening each week. You will be guided by a expert in the field and a process supervisor who will join you at the meetings every other week. They monitor the progress and the group process and have regular discussions with everyone about their individual learning goals.

Halfway through the think tank, a study trip takes place to a destination in Western Europe chosen by the group where inspiration and input is gathered that is used for the final product.

Below you find an example of a think tank from the past academic year. The think tanks for next academic year will be announced at the start of the programme at the end of September.

Think tanks 2023–2024

  • Nimma

    Nimma by the Sea

    The outcome of the think tank will include a programme in LUX, for example a conference to a play made by you. The facilities and expertise in the field of program, production and art and culture of LUX are at the students' disposal.