Keetje in the street: Dutch classic translated from the French
Keetje in the street: Dutch classic translated from the French

Education, Pedagogy and Coaching

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  • International Grail: Communities with a Heart (RSS3-04.02)

    This course enables you to increase your impact on a personal and community level by deepening drives and training dialogues and silences, among other things.

  • Excellence beyond borders: Breaking down barriers in gifted education (RSS4.04)

    In this one-week Summer School course, international experts will challenge you to look beyond the accepted views on giftedness and talent.

  • Introduction to Data Science with R and Rstudio (RSS3.01)

    The aim of the course 'Data Science with R and Rstudio' is to learn and experience working with the software through explanations and exercises which will extend in several relevant areas of working with R and Rstudio for statistics.

  • Panel Data Analysis (RSS1.13)

    This course provides a general survey of the methods used to analyze panel data (i.e., data with units observed repeatedly over time). It places a special emphasis on causal inference, which is a primary goal of social sciences.

  • Big Data: Introduction to Text Analysis (RSS2.07)

    The course will introduce statistical models for network data and other data with complex dependence among observations. A range of models will be discussed theoretically, in application and using R.

  • Online Qualitative Methods and Virtual Ethnography (RSS00.05)

    This course focuses on the use of digital technologies for qualitative data collection, from a conceptual to applied perspective, including logistical, technical and ethical issues.

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