ICT, AI and Information Processing
ICT, AI and Information Processing

ICT, AI and Information Processing

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  • Migrant Inclusion: Policies, Practices in the Age of Digitalization (RSS1.19)

    With increasing migration to Western Europe, inclusion and integration have become important topics. This course will provide you with insights into relevant issues on the topic of migrant inclusion in a digitalized society

  • Introduction to Data Science with R and Rstudio (RSS3.01)

    The aim of the course 'Data Science with R and Rstudio' is to learn and experience working with the software through explanations and exercises which will extend in several relevant areas of working with R and Rstudio for statistics.

  • Introduction to Programming in Python (RSS00.02)

    This Python course is specially designed for social scientists who have little or no programming experience. The course focuses on hands-on exercises and practical tips to get you started in the world of Python.

  • Introduction to Machine Learning with R and R studio (RSS4.05)

    During this course you will learn about various techniques of machine learning and how R and Rstudio can be used to perform both supervised and unsupervised techniques of this specific type of learning.

  • An Introduction to Statistical Modelling (RSS4.02)

    This course uses a wide variety of real datasets to discuss issues from collection through modelling to interpretation and conclusions. Concepts for handling uncertainty are developed into powerful statistical models

  • Introduction into R (RSS2.09)

    Join for a week-long journey into R programming for data analysis. From mastering R basics and data import to advanced skills in cleaning, visualization, and analysis, this course integrates theory with hands-on exercises.

  • Crash Course in R – A Gentle Introduction (RSS00.06)

    The course covers the basics of programming in R. Besides that, it also covers working in RMarkdown, which allows you to generate an entire research paper with RStudio.

  • Getting Started With R: An Introduction to Data Analytics (RSS3.05)

    During this course you will be introduced to data analytics using the statistical program R. At the end of the course you will be able to use R independently for your own projects

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