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Nature, Climate and Sustainability

Take a look at our courses within the discipline of Nature, Climate and Sustainability.


  • IR Free Electron Lasers in Chemistry and Physics (RSS3.09)

    Infrared (IR) free-electron laser (FEL) facilities have increasing impact on research in molecular spectroscopy and material science. The facilities offer their infrastructures to interested external scientists worldwide.

  • Advancing Compassion: Exploring Animal Rights in Multispecies Societies (RSS3.03)

    During this course you will cover the history, philosophical background, and legal aspects of animal rights. This course will stimulate you to think creatively and co-create a society in which animal rights have a prominent place

  • Advances in environmental life cycle modelling (RSS3-04.01)

    Focused on understanding the strengths and limitations of determining environmental impacts of a product with Life Cycle Assessment methods, this course will provide you state-of- art insights in inventory modelling, input-output modelling.

  • Discourse Network Analysis (RSS1.04)

    This one-week summer course will introduce discourse network analysis, a methodology that combines qualitative content analysis with social network analysis to measure policy debates and their development over time.

  • Big Data: Introduction to Text Analysis (RSS2.07)

    The course will introduce statistical models for network data and other data with complex dependence among observations. A range of models will be discussed theoretically, in application and using R.

  • Spatial Analysis for Social Sciences in R (RSS2.16)

    The course will explore the dynamic intersection of spatial analysis and social sciences using R. It will equip you with essential skills to analyze geographical data, map social phenomena, and uncover spatial patterns.

  • Online Qualitative Methods and Virtual Ethnography (RSS00.05)

    This course focuses on the use of digital technologies for qualitative data collection, from a conceptual to applied perspective, including logistical, technical and ethical issues.

Sustainability at Radboud University

  • Sustainability

    A world that is buckling under the weight of our demands needs people who leave the planet better than they found it. At Radboud University, we believe that everyone has a role to play in this. That is why we prepare our students to make a difference...

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