Physics and Chemistry
Physics and Chemistry

Physics and Chemistry

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  • IR Free Electron Lasers in Chemistry and Physics (RSS3.09)

    Infrared (IR) free-electron laser (FEL) facilities have increasing impact on research in molecular spectroscopy and material science. The facilities offer their infrastructures to interested external scientists worldwide.

  • Brain, Bacteria and Behaviour: understanding the gut-brain axis (RSS4.06)

    In this hands-on course you will learn the latest evidence on the role of commensal gut microbiota in the gut-brain axis, and how to study interactions between gut microbiome and brain functioning, behaviour and psychiatric diseases.

  • Basic dosimetry and radiobiology for radionuclide therapy (RSS3.07) - Sold out

    In this course you will obtain basic understanding of dosimetry and radiobiology for targeted radionuclide therapy to apply in research and daily clinical practice.

  • Preclinical Drug Discovery (RSS3.04)

    The course will cover all major aspects of the preclinical stages of modern drug discovery and describes challenges and opportunities in pharmaceutical R&D with a unique combination of lectures by academic and industry experts.

  • Neurotechnologies in Cellular and Systems Neuroscience (RSS4.08)

    This summer school will provide a unique opportunity to learn state-of-the-art tools in neuroscience, from theoretical principles to hands-on experience.