Summer School in Social Research Methods (3SRM)

If you want to bring your research to the next level, the 3SRM event is the place to be. It is a unique venue: besides world-class methods courses taught by top pedagogues, with small-group interaction and individual tutoring, there are a range of supplemental free morning and afternoon courses that you can take part in to expand your methodological skills.

On this page you will find all the information you need about 3SRM which takes place in the first two weeks (+ one pre-week online) of the four week programme of Radboud Summer School. 

Your application to a course part of 3SRM gives you access to both a main course (20 hours), up to 8 hours of extra short courses per week, as well as the Methods Café. Besides that: registration to at least one 3SRM course = contains a 1-year (2024 calendar year) free membership as MethodsNET regular member. You can recognize the 3SRM courses by the red and purple banner and picture on the course page. 


What is 3SRM?

A Methods Excellence Network (MethodsNET) Event, hosted by Nijmegen School of Management, Radboud University, the Netherlands

The Summer School in Social Research Methods (3SRM) programme is developed by the experts of the Methods Excellence Network (MethodsNet), in partnership with the Nijmegen School of Management at Radboud University, Netherlands. The Radboud Summer School provides the practical support for running the event. Held at Radboud University in Nijmegen, the school offers a wide range of methods courses across the whole span of methodological traditions, while also covering innovative/emerging topics. 

World-class methods courses -- and so much more

The 2024 offer is 36 main week-long in-person courses, along with seven pre-event online courses. The programme has been designed so that you can take different sequences of courses that supplement each other. The school is held at the beautiful facilities of the Nijmegen School of Management at Radboud University, Netherlands. Lunch is included in the course fee, as is coffee/tea during breaks. 


  • Pre-week online courses (10-14 June 2024)
  • Week 1 of the 3SRM courses (17-21 June 2024)
  • Week 2 of the 3SRM courses (24-28 June 2024)

Your full package experience

About your main courses:

  • Tailored advice on choosing courses and a sequence across week 1 and week 2 – the programme has been designed to enable multiple useful sequences
  • Pluralism, via the full diversity of methods covered
  • Possibility of extra ECTS credits

Beyond your main courses

On a weekly basis, your main course fee in fact gives you access to a ‘full package’ which comprises:

  • Two morning cross-cutting short courses on the Philosophy of Science (week 1) and on Research Approaches and Designs in the Social Sciences (week 2). Both are optional but encouraged to broaden your methodological expertise!`
  • On both weeks: three late afternoon Supplemental short courses: Math Refresher (both weeks), Missing Data (week 1) and Data Visualization (week 2)
  • Lunches are included, in addition to the necessary amount of caffeine and theine over breaks.

Short Courses

About your 3SRM short courses: complement your methodological skills!

The short courses (4-hours in total) are optional and free of charge -- i.e. they are part of your weekly training package covered by the fee you have paid for a 1-week in-person main course. They can be useful in different ways: the morning cross-cutting short courses provide you with ‘a broader perspective’ and enable you to reflect beyond your more targeted main course(s), while the late afternoon supplemental short courses focus on specific skills that can be useful in connection with numerous 3SRM main courses – or simply enable you to complement your methodological skills. We have arranged that the afternoon courses finish at 17:00, so that you still have time after this to work on daily tasks related to your main course.

There is no need to register in advance to these short courses – you just come and attend if you wish to do so. You can (if asked) receive a certificate of attendance from MethodsNET if you attend all four successive daily sessions of a given course. These courses do not stand for ECTS Credits and are limited in spots (first come first serve).

Some more information