Credits and certificate

For participating in a Radboud Summer School course, you will receive a digital certificate of participation. Many courses also earn ECTS credits. Find out how the course load is calculated when you attend Radboud Summer School.

ECTS credits recognition

Student workload at Dutch universities is expressed in ECTS credits. ECTS stands for European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, a system widely used throughout the European Union. In the Netherlands, each ECTS credit represents 28 hours of work.

We would like to point out that recognition of credits is at the discretion of your home institution. This means that you need to arrange the recognition of these ECTS yourself with your home university. 

Once you have successfully completed an on campus Radboud Summer School course you will receive 2 ECTS. This is the same in every course. For an online course this differs between 1 or 2 ECTS. 

In the course descriptions of each course you can find more information about the number of ECTS you can earn per course. The number of ECTS you earn will also be listed on your digital certificate of attendance

ECTS policy per week

Week 0

All the online week are included under week 0. This can be checked if you look at the code at the end of every course name. For example; Crash Course in R- A Gentle introduction RSS00.06. The code at the end RSS00 shows that this is an online week, .06 means this is the 6th online course. 

For preparing this online course; (readings etc.) and attendance, participants will receive: 1 ECTS credit (28 hours incl. preparation and attendance). Only exception this week is the course; Introduction to Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic analysis. 

Week 1 and week 2

All courses in week 1 and 2 are part of Summer School in Social Research Methods 3SRM. Read more about 3SRM Social Research Methods courses. Because the first 2 weeks are a collaboration between several parties the ECTS policy is slightly different compared to week 3 and 4. Only exception in these two weeks is Migrant inclusion: Policies, Practices in the Age of Digitalization.

For preparing for the course (readings etc) and attendance, participants will receives 2 ECTS credits (56 hours incl. preparation and attendance of the course).

For the on campus courses 2 additional ECTS are possible for carrying out extra assignments. The modalities of the extra assignments are course-specific. These can include submitting assignments before the course, daily assignments, and/or a final assignment to be completed after the course. Your course leader is in charge of rewarding you the final amount of ECTS. 

Week 3 and 4

For the full attendance participants will receive 2 ECTS, there is no possibility to receive extra ECTS during these weeks.

Certificate of attendance 

Once you have completed your course you will receive a digital certificate made by the Radboud Summer School. This certificate shows that you have attended the Radboud Summer School and that you have passed the course. The certificate will be send digitally, if you have not received your certificate in November you can contact the Radboud Summer School at radboudsummerschool [at] (radboudsummerschool[at]ru[dot]nl).