Follow a minor at a research university

It is possible to follow a transfer minor within some of Radboud University’s Bachelor’s programmes during your Higher Professional Bachelor’s degree. Following such a minor can offer you several advantages:

  • Once you have completed a minor, you will often be granted an exemption within your pre-Master’s programme. A pre-Master’s programme is a transitional year that is tailored to suit the Master’s programme. Once you have obtained your pre-Master’s degree, you will be able to start the Master’s programme straight away.
  • This will make the transition from higher professional education to university education easier because you will already be acquainted with the courses that are offered at university; this will be especially useful if you are thinking about taking a pre-Master’s programme or a Master’s programme degree after your Higher Professional Bachelor’s degree. 
  • Following a minor will help your overall development and provide you with new insights, and will also give you an idea of whether studying at Radboud University is right for you.


Below you will find the Radboud University programmes that offer a minor. Some programmes have a special cooperation agreement with HAN University of Applied Sciences

If there is no cooperation agreement between your Higher Professional Education programme and Radboud University, see the list of minors that are offered via Kies op Maat. Kies op Maat is an organization that makes it easy to follow courses at another educational institution.

You can also follow a preparatory minor for a number of programmes at the Nijmegen School of Management via an individual agreement with your Higher Professional Education programme.

Minors that have a cooperation agreement with HAN

  • Business Administration: HAN Faculty of Economics and Management 
  • Communication and Information Studies: HAN Faculty of Economics and Management & HAN Academy for Communication and Information Technology (ICA)
  • Communication Science: HAN Faculty of Economics and Management
  • Economics and Business Economics: HAN Faculty of Economics and Management
  • Biomedical Sciences: HAN Physiotherapy
  • Faculty of Law: Bachelor of Law
  • Language and Speech Pathology: HAN Speech Therapy

Minors offered via Kies Op Maat


Do you want to follow a minor with cooperation agreement or a minor via Kies op maat? Then go to the application procedure below and follow the steps.

Application procedure HBO minor

Preparatory minors Nijmegen School of Management

You can apply for a preparatory minor of the Nijmegen School of Management via a form on the page of the relevant minor.


If you have any questions about taking a minor at Radboud University, please contact our Study Information Team:

+31 24 361 23 45