Following a minor

During your HBO or WO Bachelor's programme in the Netherlands, you can take a minor at several Radboud University Bachelor's programmes. Are you already a student at Radboud University? Then you can take a minor in your own or another programme during your Bachelor's; but an interdisciplinary minor is also an option. 

Why choose a minor?

  • Exemptions within your pre-Master's programme. If you are considering a particular Master's programme and you are not immediately eligible for admission, in many cases you can take a pre-Master's programme. A pre-Master's is a transition year geared to the Master's programme. After obtaining the pre-Master's, you can immediately start the corresponding Master's programme. If you have already done a minor, you can often get exemptions within your pre-Master's programme. This will save you time and money.
  • Discover a new field of study. Even if you are not immediately interested in a specific (pre-)Master's programme, a minor is a good way to get acquainted with a new field of study and get inspiration for choosing a Master's programme.
  • No extra costs. Taking a minor usually does not cost you extra money. If you are already a student at a university (of applied sciences), you only pay your normal tuition fees at your own educational institution.  
  • Easier transition from a university of applied sciences (HBO) to a research university (WO). For HBO students, a minor makes the transition from HBO to WO easier, as you already become familiar with taking courses at a research university. This is especially useful if you are thinking about taking a pre-Master's and Master's programme after your Bachelor's.

Minors for university of applied sciences (HBO) students

Minors for research university (WO) students

For Radboud students

Many Bachelor's programmes have a period in which you can take elective courses or minors in another programme, outside your faculty or even interdisciplinary. This allows you to be introduced to a new field of study and at the same time earn credits towards your Bachelor's degree. Check our minor guides for all possibilities.  

A minor consists of a content-related set of courses on a specific theme. A minor is meant for students who, for instance, want to broaden their knowledge with subjects that do not directly occur in their studies. When you successfully complete a minor, you often receive a certificate. Note: if one or more courses of a minor are part of the programme you are taking, you will not qualify for a certificate.Most programmes have a minor space in the curriculum. It varies per faculty how big this minor space is and how (freely) you can fill it.


For external (hbo and wo) students

Our Study Information student team will answer all your general questions and questions about events and activities. 

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For Radboud students

If you have questions about the minor(space) within your study programme, please contact your study advisor.