Study Abroad Minor

In an increasingly globalized world, it is important to have knowledge of other countries and our position in the world. Studying abroad is not only a good way to acquire new knowledge but also to improve your language skills and to get to know another culture better. A stay abroad also contributes to your personal development, and, as such, can be considered an asset for future employers. The Faculty of Arts has an extensive network of foreign universities and will help you find courses that are relevant for your Bachelor’s programme.


  • Courses at a foreign university (30 EC)
  • Think Tank: Study Abroad (10 EC): you will work on an assignment for a company or institution in a group of six to eight students. More information on the think tank. You can also choose to do an individual internship at a company or a research internship.
    Please note: If you want to attend the think tank(add link) in the first semester, there is an entry requirement for this course (LET-LETMI-DT00).

If you have already been abroad as part of the study abroad minor in 2023-2024 or before, the course Study Abroad: Academia and Society (LET-LETMI-RF12) is compulsory. If you have not yet completed it, please refer to the transitional regulations.


If you want to apply for a study abroad stay as part of the study abroad minor, submit a request via Osiris. More information on the application procedure can be found here.


  • Outside Europe: before 15 January
  • Within Europe: before 1 March

Possible B3-programme with a Study Abroad Minor

Period 1Period 2Period 3Period 4
Courses at a foreign university (25 EC)Bachelor's thesis (10 EC)
Think Tank: Study Abroad (10 EC)
Study Abroad: Academia and Society (5 EC, online)Major course or elective* (5 EC)Major course or elective* (5 EC)

* Whether you have to take one or two major courses or if you can choose one or two elective courses, depends on your Bachelor’s programme. See what is determined for your study programme (pdf).

Study abroad: major or elective courses in semester 2

While you are studying abroad, your fellow students in Nijmegen are not only taking courses from the minor they chose, but are also taking one or two courses (10 EC total) from your own degree programme.

In the following overview you can see if you need to take these major courses in the second semester of if you can choose one or more electives.

Study abroad: major or elective courses in semester 2 (pdf)

Please note: Check whether all courses are in the right place in your SVO (study progress overview). If this is not the case, send an email to the STIP (stip [at] (stip[at]let[dot]ru[dot]nl)) in which you indicate which course(s) replace the major course(s) of the first semester. If you want to replace the major course(s) with courses from different disciplinary packages OR from other faculties/universities, you have to submit a request to the Examination Board (request a custom (inter)disciplinary package).

If the PDF file indicates that a request to the examination board is required, submit such a request first. Upon processing the official decision of the examination board, your SVO will be updated.