Study programme of pre-Master's Biology

The content of the programmes consists of specific courses from our Bachelor's programme in Biology and depends on the specialisation that you intend to choose in the Master’s programme. The content and duration of this pre-Master’s is determined and constructed on an individual basis. 

Personalised programmes

We can offer you a personalised pre-Master's programme, depending on your current degree and where you have obtained it:

  • Pre-Master's for Dutch Research University students 

We have several options of pre-Master's programmes for Dutch University students. The programme depends on your previous education; for example if you have obtained a Bachelor's degree in a similar field of study, but you do not quite meet the admission requirements for our Master's programme. If you have insufficient background in Biology, for example because you have done a Bachelor's in another field of study, you might be eligible to follow the "intenational's pre-Master's" (see the third bullet point below). After finishing this programme, you will receive a pre-Master’s certificate and will be directly admitted to the Master's programme in Biology.

  • Pre-Master's for HBO students (Dutch University of Applied Sciences)

This pre-Master's programme is for students with a Dutch Bachelor’s or Master's of Applied Sciences in a relevant field. After finishing this programme, you will receive a pre-Master’s certificate and will be directly admitted to the Master's programme in Biology.

  • Pre-Master's for students at a Research University outside of the Netherlands

This pre-Master's programme is for students who have finished a Bachelor's degree at a Research University outside of the Netherlands, in (a comparable field to) Biology or a natural science-related programme. This programme is also suitable for students who have not obtained a Bachelor's degree in or similar to Biology, but in another field of academic study. The aim of this pre-Master's is to eliminate deficiencies and develop the skills that are needed for the Master's programme in Biology. Finishing this pre-Master's programme grants direct access to the Master’s programme. At the end of the pre-Master's, you will receive a pre-Master's certificate and a formal grade list.

HBO Minor

We offer a minor programme of 30 EC to third or fourth year students of a comparable study programme at a Dutch University of Applied Sciences. The programme consists of Bachelor’s courses from the Biology programme at Radboud University and can be found at "Kies op Maat". It can be followed in the Autumn semester from September to January or the Spring semester from February to July. At the end of the programme, you’ll receive a formal grade list or ‘Transcript of Records’. 


If you are interested in following a pre-Master’s or a minor in Biology or have any questions about it, please contact the student advisor:

Conny Mooren
+31 24 365 2281
c.mooren [at]

Additional challenge

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