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Curriculum of pre-Master's Global Communication and Diversity

There are several pre-Master’s programmes that offer access to the Master’s specialisation in Global Communication and Diversity, depending on your current degree and where you have obtained it. The programmes consist of courses from our Bachelor’s programme in International Business Communication.


  • Pre-Master's

    This programme consists of 60 ECTS and can be completed in one year. It starts once a year, in September. You can apply for this programme if you have obtained or will obtain a Bachelor’s degree from a University of Applied Sciences (‘HBO’ in Dutch) within the field of Communication or a related studies and if you meet our English language requirements (check out the admission and application page for the list of related studies and the language requirements).

    If you are interested in our Master’s specialisation in Global Communication and Diversity, but you have a university-level Bachelor’s degree in a field that is not directly related to Communication, you might still be admitted to our pre-Master’s programme if your application is sufficiently motivated, but you do need to meet our English language requirements.

    Curriculum Pre-Master's
  • Shortened pre-Master’s

    You can apply for this pre-Master's programme of 30 EC if you have obtained or will obtain a Bachelor's degree in a related area of study.

    Curriculum Shortened pre-Master’s
  • Continued HBO minor

    This programme is for students with a Dutch University of Applied Sciences degree who have completed the HBO minor. After completing the continued HBO minor you are allowed to start the Master's programme Global Communication and Diversity.

    Curriculum Continued HBO minor