Pre-Master's Human Geography for international students

We offer specific pre-Master’s programmes for international students whose prior education is insufficient for direct admission to the Master’s programme in Human Geography, to bridge the gap. Successful completion of one of these programmes will allow you to enrol in one of our Master’s specialisations Human Geography.

About this study curriculum

The pre-Master’s programme takes one academic year (max. 60 EC) and consists of key courses from the regular Bachelor’s programme and courses that teach students academic research proficiencies and methods. The programme that you have to follow (48 EC or 60 EC) depends on your previous education. For students with an international diploma that corresponds to a degree from a Dutch university of applied sciences, the programme consists of 60 EC. Students with an international diploma equivalent to a degree from a Dutch research university diploma have to follow a programme which consists of 48 EC. Whether your degree is equivalent to a degree from a university of applied sciences will be evaluated once you formally apply.

The general pre-Master's programme gives access to the following Master's specialisation of Human Geography (there is also a possibility to compose your own Master's specialisation):

The specific pre-Master's programme only gives access to the Master's specialisation Conflict, Territories and Identities.

Please note: the courses listed below belong to the pre-Master's programme of 2022-2023. This programme is subject to change, No rights can be derived from this information.

Specialisations within this curriculum