Kiki Nabers

Kiki Nabers
I have never felt guilty any more about "asking too many questions" due to my genuine curiosity and interest.
Kiki Nabers
Pre-Master's Medical Biology
Study start date
Previous education
HBO Biologie en Medisch Laboratoriumonderzoek (Avans Hogeschool)

Master's student Kiki Nabers is studying Pre-Master's Medical Biology at Radboud University.

Why did you start a (pre-)Master's after your HBO? Why do you think it is an addition to your bachelor's degree?

During my MBO education (microbiology) I learned basic biomedical theory and developed great laboratory skills, however, I wanted to increase my theoretical knowledge even further. Therefore, I chose to study an HBO education (Biology and Medical Laboratory Research). During my internships, I developed the desire to become a Master's student myself to become more involved in performing scientific research. Upon visiting the Master's Open Day last year, I made the decision to study here at Nijmegen University to specialise in Neurobiology (Pre-Master's Medical Biology). Having a Master's degree in Neurobiology allows me to pursue my dream of becoming a successful neuroscientist while working together within the field of neuroscience. 

How did you experience the transition from HBO to university education? 

The transition from HBO to the University was very pleasant. All important information was provided in time. The biggest change for me personally is the content of the lectures. While at my HBO most lectures consisted of PowerPoint slides filled with text or learning from one book, the lectures at the Radboud University use scientific papers as a guideline. The experiments covered in published papers make me very enthusiastic. The lectures are also interactive, and I immediately realised that the class was filled with other enthusiastic students. I have never felt guilty any more about "asking too many questions" due to my genuine curiosity and interest. 

How do you experience the level of the pre-Master's? 

The level of the Pre-Master's is just right! The obligatory courses for my specialisation are very interesting, and I have already learned a lot of detailed theoretical knowledge. Personally, I have always prioritised school and because of this, I do not have much spare time.

What do you like most about the university and why?

So far I have experienced that everything is communicated very clearly. I find it pleasant that the rooms are available for self-study. Lastly, the lecture content demonstrates a lot of experiments which are presented in an enthusiastic and interactive way by the professors. 

Which Master's programme do you want to follow after the pre-Master's? And what do you want to do after finishing that Master's degree?

When I complete my Pre-Master's, I am going to follow the Master's programme Medical Biology with a specialisation in Neurobiology. After finishing my Master's I want to become a PhD student. The neuroscientific topics that I find very interesting consist of coma, the effects of spiritual practice, and neuroprosthetics (this one is new thanks to the course Neural Basis of Motor Control).