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Pre-Master's Medical Epigenomics

The pre-Master's Medical Epigenomics prepares you for the Master's specialisation Medical Epigenomics. Courses include: Genomics in Health and Environment, RNA Structure and Function, R Programming, Molecular Principles of Development, Molecular Basis of Disease, Functional Genomics, and Advanced Molecular Biology.

About this study curriculum

The course overview is an indication of the study programme of the academic year 2024-2025. Are you a current student, please consult the online course guide for your course overview.


Course overview

Ideally, you start the programme in September, but other starting dates are also possible. On this page you can see the courses of the programme if you start in September.

In P1 you can follow Genomics in Health and Environment or RNA Structure and Function. You can complete the programme after P3 or P4 if you achieve a minimum of 30 EC. It is recommended to take the R Programming elective course in addition, as it will be beneficial for the Master's research internships.

Elective courses


Do you want to follow an alternative route or do you have any other questions about the programme, please contact the programme.